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  • The Lorrnel Group now operates drones (UAV's) through our Evolution Geomatics Division. We published an article about drones in "The Souce" magazine, winter 2015 Vol.12, Issue 4 edition.
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JA2016 Exhibition

The Lorrnel Group and Evolution Geomatics embark on their First International Exhibition in Tokyo Japan!

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Upcoming Events

  • APEGA - Alberta's Transmission System Luncheon - Oct 12, 2016 Website
  • CHOA - Oktoberfest - Oct 13, 2016 Website
  • CHOA - Technical Lunch - Oct 20, 2016 Website
  • CAPLA - Lunch & Learn Emerging Issues - Oct 20, 2016 Websit
  • CSEG - Tech Luncheon - Oct 31, 2016 Website
  • Unmanned Systems Canada - Annual Conference - Nov 1-3, 2016 Website
  • APEGA - Improving Your Employability - Nov 3, 2016 Website
  • CAPLA - Admin of the AER - Directive 56 - Nov 3, 2016 Website
  • CAGC - Luncheon - Dec 7, 2016 Website






    Lorrnel Consultants has been providing "cradle to grave" services to the Oil and Gas Industry since 1982. We are experts in surface, environmental and regulatory approvals, project management, exploration reclamation and project tracking.

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    Project Management

    Tired of your Seismic operations interfering with your OSE Operations? Let Lorrnel's team of experienced project managers help you.

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    Geophysical Services

    Let Lorrnel run your seismic programs for you! We offer a full line of services for seismic supervision at competitive prices.

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    Land Services


    Can't make sense of which applications you require? Lorrnel can manage all of your Land Applications in one location.

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    Environmental Services

    From Environmental Field Reports to Conservation and Reclamation Business Plans Lorrnel can provide the environmental services you need to get your approval.

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    GIS/Mapping Services

    From Customized Maps to Disposition Sketch Plans Lorrnel offers a full suite of Mapping services.

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    Field Services

    Lorrnel can provide Scouting Services, Seismic Representation Services and Reclamation Inspection Services for a variety of programs.

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