Mining Aggregates

Lorrnel provides a wide variety of mining and aggregate services to municipal districts, the oil and gas sector, as well as smaller independent operators. Lorrnel sits on the Land & Environment Committee for the Alberta Sand and Gravel Association (ASGA), and is at the forefront of regulatory change across the industry. Lorrnel has been a key stakeholder in the recent red tape reduction strategy and was a co-author in a report issued to Alberta Environment & Parks titled Recommendations Related to Delays and Inconsistencies on Environmental Permitting’. This report is intended to provide regulatory certainty and efficiency to our industry, while maintaining social and environmental responsibility within our province. Members of our team have published articles for the Rock to Road magazine to bring forth the use of technology across the industry. Services we provide include:

Regulatory Applications & Approvals

  • Public Lands Act Applications (ALR/SME/SMC/SML)  
  • Water Act Applications / Code of Practice 
  • Environmental Protection & Enhancement Act (EPEA) Applications  
  • Municipal Permitting 

Land Use & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Government, Industry & Stakeholder Engagement 
  • First Nations / Metis Consultation 
  • Third Party Consent Management 
  • Freehold Acquisition    

Environmental Services

  • Pre-Disturbance Site Assessments / Field Scouting 
  • Wetland Assessments / Impact Reports  
  • Environmental and Archaeological Impact Assessments (EIA/AIA) 
  • 5 Year Reports / Conservation Operation & Reclamation Plans (CORPs)  
  • Annual Operating Reports (AORs)  
  • Migratory Bird Sweeps 
  • Rare Plant / Wildlife Studies 
  • Caribou Protection Planning 
  • Weed Management & Herbicide Application 
  • Spill Response / Remediation  
  • Site Preparation & Tree Planting   
  • Reclamation Certificate / Letter of Clearance Applications 

GIS & Geomatics

  • Biophysical Land Use Drawings 
  • Exploration Plans & Preliminary Land Use Mapping  
  • Sketch Plans 
  • Site Development & Operations Drawings  
  • Phase Development Drawing  
  • Reclamation/Closure Drawings  
  • Cross-Sectional Drawings