Geophysical Services

Lorrnel is equipped to complete all tasks from Preliminary Project Analysis, Cost Estimates and 3D Modeling through to Final Reports and Reclamation, we can do it all.  Cost Tracking, Landowner Permitting, Field Supervision, First Nations Consultation, Approvals, Third Party Negotiations, Mapping, Timber Damage Estimates, Environmental Clean-Up and more – we do it all in house. 
We pay attention to detail and costs, have great experience working in very complicated areas (such as SAGD plants) and sensitive mountainous area, have experience in all types of land seismic including MicroSeismic and VSPs, have a great relationship with the Regulators and our attention to Safety is unsurpassed.  If we can be of any help in any phase of your seismic operations please let me and we can discuss the details.  

Project Management

• Preliminary project analysis
• Bid solicitation & analysis
• Evaluation of field costs, permit fees & acquisition expenditures (cost-tracking)
• First Nations Consultations & Negotiations
• Confidential Programs run under our Exploration License
• Community & Private Landowner consultation & negotiation
• Daily communications between field and management staff
• Maintenance of data quality standards
• Minimization of client liability through compliance with all environmental and safety standards

Field Services

• Detailed Scouting Services
• Seismic Permitting and approvals
• Seismic Field Contractor Management
• Project Reclamation

Geophysical Modelling

• Custom 3D Geophysical Modeling
• Field Testing and Array Design
• Trade Data QI and search functions
• 3D design and Parameter Selection
• Quality control & data accuracy maintenance