Forestry Resources

Lorrnel has been supporting the Forestry Industry for over 35 years. Our expertise lies in our ability to understand your projects and provide an integrated management approach. From weed management to large scale Forest Management Planning, Lorrnel has the expertise needed to manage all aspects of Alberta’s Forestry industry. Our solutions include:  

Regulatory Applications & Approvals


  • Public Lands Act Applications  
  • Crown Lease Assignments

Land Use & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Government, Industry & Stakeholder Engagement 
  • First Nations / Metis Consultation 
  • Third Party Consent Management 
  • Road Use Management  
  • Land Use & Withdrawals Management

Forest Resource Management

  • Forest Management Planning (FMP) Support 
  • General Development Planning (GDP) Support 
  • Annual Operating Planning (AOP) Support 
  • Integrated Harvest Planning (PHP / Layout / FHP)  
  • Silviculture Prescriptions  
  • Tree Planting & Seed Collection  
  • Timber Salvage Plans / Timber Damage Assessments

Environmental Services

  • Pre-Disturbance Site Assessments / Field Scouting 
  • Wetland Assessments 
  • Environmental and Archaeological Impact Assessments (EIA/AIA) 
  • Migratory Bird Sweeps 
  • Rare Plant / Wildlife Studies 
  • FireSmart Planning  
  • Timber Salvage Plans 
  • Caribou Protection Planning 
  • Water Act Applications / Code of Practice 
  • Weed Management & Herbicide Application 
  • Reclamation Certificates / Letter of Clearance Applications 

GIS & Geomatics

    • Sketch Plans 
    • Preliminary Land Use Mapping 
    • Wetland Mapping 
    • Harvest Planning