Surface Land Services

Our team puts immense value in our personal relationships and as such, understands the importance of meaningful stakeholder engagement on any project. Lorrnel has extensive experience in regulatory application processes, and third party agreement management which is an integral part of our core business. Through the hard work of our Agents, Analysts and Administrators, Lorrnel’s land group has successfully obtained thousands of regulatory approvals, and third party agreements on behalf of our client. In 2015 our team developed an in-house, proprietary software system known as the Crossing Management Tool (CMT). The CMT is used to coordinate and manage your land administration information in an efficient.


Regulatory Applications & Approvals

  • Public Lands Act Applications
  • Crown Lease Assignments
  • Non-Entry Cancellations
  • Oil Sands Exploration Applications
  • Geophysical Permitting
  • D19 Compliance Assurance Support
  • D20 Well Abandonment Support
  • D50 Drilling Waste Management Support
  • D56 Well License Applications
  • D58 Oilfield Waste Management Support
  • Municipal Development Permit Applications
  • Municipal Building Permit Applications
  • Municipal Clearing & Grading Permit Applications
  • Municipal Utility Permit Applications
  • Surface Material Exploration (SME) Applications
  • Surface Material License (SMC) Applications
  • Surface Material Lease (SML) Applications
  • Sub-Lease Agreements

Capital Projects

  • Infrastructure & Access Development Plans
  • Construction & Engineering Support
  • Operations & Logistical Support
  • Power Hazard Assessment Plans
  • Traffic impact Assessments (TIA)
  • Health & Safety Coordination

Asset Maintenance & Financials

  • Asset Integrity & Liability Tracking
  • Facility Infrastructure Inspections
  • Crown Lease Rental Payments & Tracking
  • Crown Security Deposit Payments & Tracking
  • Municipal Fee Payments & Tracking
  • Exploration Annual Reporting
  • Geophysical Final Plans
  • Annual Returns
  • Annual Operating Reports (AORs)


Stakeholder Engagement & Consultations

  • Government & Industry Engagement
  • Stakeholder Notifications
  • First Nation Consultation
  • Public Participation Planning & Outreach

Integrated Land Use Management

  • Operational Land Use Management
  • Third Party Consents
  • Road Use Management
  • Asset Land Use Management
  • Timber Damage Assessments & Invoicing
  • FMA Withdrawals

Freehold Acquisition

  • Surface Land Agreements
  • Land Owner Negotiations / Land Agent Services
  • Caveat Registration
  • Title Searches