GIS & Geomatics

Lorrnel GIS division offers a wide range of professional geospatial services and solutions to our staff and clients by providing timely, responsive and accurate project support and assistance in decision-making process with data gathering, maintenance, analysis and visualisation in informed and logical manner. We strive in improving efficiency of our services and increasing productivity of our customer relations by promoting and developing customized geographic information system applications, tools, and modern visualization techniques.

Mapping Services

  • Sketch Plan Drafting
  • Preliminary Land Use Mapping
  • Exploration Mapping
  • Wetland Mapping
  • Wildlife Mapping
  • FireSmart Mapping
  • Reproduction Services
  • Site Location Plans
  • Exploration Plans
  • Biophysical Land Use Drawings
  • Site Development & Operations Drawings
  • Phase Development Drawing
  • Reclamation/Closure Drawings
  • Cross-Sectional Drawings
  • Large Format Reproduction Services

Data Management & Analytics

  • Asset Database Development
  • Geo-Processing & Normalization
  • Data Analytics & Interpretation
  • Enhanced Data Visualization
  • Desktop Analysis & Route Selection

Aerium Analytics Resources

  • Aerial Imagary
  • Lidar Analysis
  • Drones