Meet Our Team


Nathan Cicoria

President & CEO

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Jordan Cicoria


As a leader and industry expert in areas such as: regulatory approvals for public and private lands, environmental assessments, geophysical and exploration. Jordan brings years of experience and exposure to the industry within Alberta, he’s managed regulatory projects from exploration development, land acquisition and approvals to reclamation and remediation stages.  His wealth of knowledge of Federal and Provincial Acts and Regulations provides an excellent centre for leading his team of qualitied professionals to obtain approvals on time and within budget. Jordan has work with GIS and Drone based software’s through many projects in his career and has development a vast understanding of data requirements and Geospatial Intelligence

All Lorrnel employee’s are challenged to find ways to differentiate, to innovate, to create and to distinguish our company.


Andrew Cicoria


Andy Cicoria was born in the suburbs of New York City December 18, 1953 where he lived through his high school years.  He attended university near Philadelphia at Swarthmore College where he received a BS in Engineering with a minor in Geology in 1976.  After a short time in the Tampa Bay, Florida area he started work with Century Geophysical Corporation as a Uranium Well Logger in the New Mexico in 1977.  He then moved into Century’s headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he held various positions including Training Coordinator, Radiation Safety Officer and Recruiter.  In 1979 he was asked to transfer to Calgary where Century had a seismic division, to start a well logging operation in Canada.  Over his years with Century in Calgary he moved from Manager of Well Logging Operations to eventually President of the Canadian Division in 1985.  During this time he also became a professional geophysicist (P. Geoph.) in Alberta.  He wound down Century’s Canadian operations in 1987 and joined Lorrnel Consultants in 1987 as Manager of Geophysical Operations and as part owner.  He moved from Manager to President and is currently a Principal of Lorrnel still active in Safety, Administration and is the company Geophysicist. He is a member of the CAGC (serves on the Board of Directors and is the Alberta Director in Charge) and APEGA (Responsible member for Lorrnel).


Connie Down-Cicoria


In 1982 she founded Lorrnel Consultants, over the years along with her husband Andy they converted the company from a geophysical consulting firm handling thousands of applications to a to a fully faceted firm that offers clients a full range of services in many different industries.

 Over the years she has helped shape the way we do business in Alberta by developing environmental procedures to reduce the footprint of industrial activities.  She  continues to be involved in the day to day operations of Lorrnel.


Martin Baker

Vice President

Martin has a passion for people. As a leader and personal mentor, Martin strives to help our organization reach it’s full potential. Martin grew up in the UK and moved to Calgary in 2010 to take on a career in environmental management. Has spent the last 6 years with The Lorrnel Group and is now our Vice President and acting manager of Land & Environmental Services. Today, Martin helps lead our vibrant and diverse workforce to action in offering adaptive and sustainable solutions to Canada’s natural resource sector.


Olga Kraynova

GIS Manager


Olga joined Lorrnel in 2013 and has been leading GIS department for the last few years. Her Geography, Environmental & GIS educational background combined with 12 years of diverse work experience serves greatly in understanding industry data analytic needs and implementing most current GIS services trends and best practices. Olga’s team of uniquely skilled GIS professionals supplies internal and external GIS services and can support complex multidisciplinary projects providing tailored data-driven and tech-enabled solutions in accordance with all regulations and standards. Olga’s and her team’s passion for GIS and technologies helps our organization to take a prominent place among quality-recognized modern GIS tech solutions leaders.


Paige Gariepy

General Manager

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