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The Lorrnel Group’s belief is that our highest purpose is to future generations. Through our acknowledgement of the relevant social, political, environmental and economic factors associated with the management of our natural resources, TLG is able consider and protect the interests and values of those stakeholders either directly or indirectly impacted by any given project. This approach enables us to effectively manage the land base through the integration creative workflows and processes that are optimized to our client’s immediate and long-term needs.

TLG manages over 6 million hectares of land in Western Canada.  We are able to do this because of our team of qualified professionals. Together, our services are designed to deliver what we proudly call an Integrated Resource Management (IRM) approach. TLG is able provide ongoing support to our clients throughout all aspects of a given project. Our services include Land-Use Management & Stakeholder Engagement, GIS & Geomatics, Environmental Services, Forest Resource Planning, Asset & Liability Management, as well as Strategic, Tactical & Operational Planning. TLG is excited at the opportunity to align our vision with your project needs, to leverage our stakeholder relationships to support our clients through the First Nation Consultation process and government and industry engagement. Beyond this, TLG can support in all regulatory capacities, including the ability to development a strong Conservation & Reclamation Plan.

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