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  • The Lorrnel Group now operates drones (UAV's) through our Evolution Geomatics Division. We published an article about drones in "The Source" magazine, winter 2015 Vol.12, Issue 4 edition.
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A Special Donation

The Lorrnel Group connected with Alberta's Promise & donated tablets to 8 youth-serving agencies across Alberta.

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Upcoming Events

  • CAGC - Seismic In Motion Field Trip - September 26-27, 2017 Website
  • CHOA - Oktoberfest 2017! - September 28, 2017 Website
  • CAPLA - Lunch N' Learn - October 3, 2017 Website
  • CSEG - Technical Lunch - October 10, 2017 Website
  • CHOA - Fall Conference - October 17, 2017 Website
  • CAPLA - Lunch N' Learn - October 18, 2017 Website
  • APEGA - Yellowhead Branch Social Night - October 18, 2017 Website
  • APEGA - Permit To Practice - October 18, 2017 Website


    Environment/Land Services


    Lorrnel Consultants has numerous years of experience in environmental and surface land administration. Our on site experts are qualified to assess existing or proposed field operations for any environmental or surface land requirements. Contact us to discuss how our expertise can assist you.

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    Approval and Land Services

    Can't see that approval through all the paperwork? Lorrnel Consultants can help you with your land needs including Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (ASRD) approvals, Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) approvals or even managing your third party agreements.



    • Oil Sands Exploration (OSE) Approvals
    • Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation Applications
    • Surface Dispositions (MSL, LOC, PLA, MLL, etc.)
    • Government Applications & Approvals
    • Metallic Minerals Applications & Approvals
    • Navigable Waters Applications & Approvals
    • Water Resource Permits
    • Geophysical Applications
    • ERCB Well Licensing
    • Temporary Water Diversion Licenses
    • Temporary Field Authorizations (TFA)



    Searches & Notifications

    • Land Standing Reports
    • Consent Requests (road use, crossings, etc.)
    • Public Consultations
    • Searches & Notifications (municipal, trapper, etc.)
    • Public Notices
    • Trapper Searches & Notifications
    • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
    • EPZ Stakeholder Lists

    Operations & Management

    • Third Party Agreements Management
    • Timber Plans
    • Timber Damage Assessments (Crown and FMA)

    Final Plans/Reporting

    • Final Plan Submissions (GEO, SME, MME)
    • Annual Report Submissions (OSE)


    Environmental Services

    Our experts are qualified to assess existing or proposed field operations for any environmental or surface land endeavor. Our approach is to provide an effective evaluation with our client's operational and environmental requirements in mind.


    • Integrated Landscape Management
    • Caribou Protection Plans (CPP)
    • Conservation & Reclamation Plans
    • SAGD Thermal Project Planning
    • Access Management Plans
    • OSE Operational Plans
    • DFO / Navigable Waters Permits
    • Bridge Applications
    • Timber Salvage Plans
    • Fire Protection Plans (FPP)


    • Environmental Assessments (EA) (OSE, MME, etc.)
    • Environmental Field Reports (EFR)
    • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
    • IOGC Applications and Environmental Assessments on Reserve Land
    • Environmental Management System Audits (3rd Party & Internal)
    • Risk Assessments


    • Seismic, OSE & SME Reclamation
    • Seismic Letter of Clearance Applications
    • OSE Reclamation Certification Applications